African Power, Energy and Water Industry Awards

Established in 2014, the African Power, Energy and Water Industry Awards brings together Africa’s most renowned power and water industry professionals.

The winners of the 2020 African Power, Energy and Water Industry Awards were announced virtually on 25 August 2020 and recognised outstanding achievements of companies, projects and individuals that contribute to the improvement of the African energy sector.  The nominees for the water categories will be recognised in 2022 when we hope to have a live celebration of success. 

2021 Award Categories

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Congratulations To Our Winners for 2020!

During the first-ever digital African Power, Energy and Water Industry Awards, African leaders and projects were recognised for their contribution to the energy industry. Nigerian leaders and projects dominated and walked away with four of the five Enlit Africa Awards.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award 
    Andrew Herscowitz, Chief Development Officer, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
  • Power Industry Leader of the Year
    Ifeoma Malo, Campaign Director, Clean Tech Hub, Power For All. Nigeria
  • Young Leader of the Year
    Dr Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director, Rural Electrification Fund,  Rural Electrification Agency, Nigeria
  • Small-scale Power Project of the Year
    Sosai Renewable Energies Company, Nigeria

2021 Award Categories

Water Project of the Year 

This award recognises a water project in Africa that excels in any one or more of the following: Service delivery, project roll-out, technology roll-out, revenue protection measures, loss reduction, water quality and sanitation solutions. 

Water Industry Leader of the Year

This award celebrates the accomplishments of an individual in a senior position from a utility, public or private company who has displayed passion and commitment to the water industry while also demonstrating leadership, vision and success.

Initiate! Young Talent Challenge

This award recognises the winning team from the innovative and game changing Initiate! Young Talent Challenge that will take place during African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa.  

Four students will be selected to represent their university to complete a series of challenges where they'll have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the conference and exhibition.

Read more about the young talent challenge


This category celebrates industry influencers who are innovative in their leadership approaches and strategies. The impact of their work has improved and furthered the power and energy or water value chain on a regional or country level. 

  • Award category: Woman in Leadership
  • Award category: Power Leader of the Year
  • Award category: Young Leader of the Year 
  • Award category: Lifetime Achievement

Generation Innovation and Optimisation 

This category is applicable to projects that fall within small, medium and large-scale generation. This category recognises thermal projects that have improved power generation efficiency and/or capacity by planning and implementing advanced and innovative technology and solutions into an existing or new power plant.

  • Award category: The People’s Choice

Renewable Energy Generation Innovation and Optimisation

This category is applicable to projects that fall within small, medium and large-scale generation. This category recognises projects where electricity producers have utilised renewable power generation to deliver innovation and new business offerings. 

  • Award category: The People’s Choice

Energy Access: Rural/Urban Electrification

This category identifies electrification projects that have made a positive impact to communities by increasing energy access and electrification rates. These projects can be initiatives driven by government, private developers, or public institutions and the impact of the Productive Use of Power, which can increase power distribution to previously unelectrified communities for use in homes, schools, healthcare facilities, agriculture and small businesses. 

  • Award category: The People’s Choice

Transmission & Distribution 

This category identifies projects that have provided transmission and distribution rollouts locally, nationally or regionally. These projects can include LV, MV and HV new build programmes, maintenance projects, service delivery initiatives, revenue protection measures, technical and non-technical loss reduction, grid integration and initiatives to increase network stability. Projects that prepare the network for the next-generation architecture and modernisation of the grid.

  • Award category: The People’s Choice

Finance & Investment

These models should be exemplary in their fields which can be in the form of traditional financing models, FinTech and interactive platforms such as crowdfunding that attribute to the development of small, medium or large-scale power projects.

  • Award category: The People’s Choice

Utility Transformation 

Utilities that have significantly embraced the evolution of the electricity industry through digitalisation, new financial models and new/innovative power generation sources. 

  • Award category: Power Utility of the Year

Metering, Billing & Customer Engagement

Water, gas or electricity AMI projects and applications that have significantly improved utility operations, resource management, efficiency, revenue collection and customer satisfaction in the past 24 months.

Demand Response

Utilities that have successfully integrated a demand response programme for better energy efficiency, or which have seen consistent improvement in demand management of electricity or water.

Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration

Projects demonstrating the growth and development of microgrids driven by a need for greater grid reliability, more distributed energy resources, or more generation to allow power producers and their customers better control of energy costs.

Partnership with the African Power &  Energy Elites

The Awards in partnership with the annual African Power & Energy Elites publication have aligned through a single nomination and selection process across a set of complementary categories. These prestigious programmes, the Awards and Elites, have the same vision: to celebrate strong leadership and successful projects in the power and energy sector.

The two programmes aligned with their respective 2020 editions through a single nomination and selection process across a set of complementary categories.

All projects/people who are featured in the Elites annual publication are automatically included in the Awards nominations.

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