WIE Rise Together Campaign - Holle Linnea Wlokas




Holle Linnea Wlokas is a trained Social Scientist with vast experience in multi-stakeholder projects and processes and a strong focus over the past 10 years on social performance related issues in the renewable energy sector.

Her work is driven by social and economic considerations of energy transitions with a specific interest in supporting quality relationships between business, government and citizens in the phase-out of fossil-fuel based operations and implementation of large-scale renewable energy projects. 

We touched base with Holle to find out more about her experiences as a powerful woman in energy.

Why do you believe in Africa’s energy sector?

Looking back, I hope that we will be able to be proud of the economic development and transformation we achieved in the context of transitioning and growing Africa’s energy sector.  


How do you deal with women competing with each other in the workplace?

I rarely perceive competition. I have experienced hesitation and hurdles to collaboration, but those could oftentimes be overcome with patience and time spend getting to know each other better. 


Who would you like as a mentor at work if you could ask anyone in the world? Why?

I feel very grateful for the wisdom of dear friends and inspiring colleagues in the sector. One person whose light outshines all others for me right now is that of the recently passed Ntombifuthi Ntuli. Her leadership, commitment and generous accessibility and grace will forever be an inspiration to me. Incredible role models for me are also Shalanda Baker in the US, and Masechaba Mabilu and Fumani Mthembi in South Africa. 


What is your superpower?

I was once described as ‘inspiring and a leading togetherness bringer’ - these words resonate with me a lot. I can’t help but see opportunities for collaboration everywhere and strive in forging these connections.


If you are part of an association – how has this association helped you in your career?  

I am a member in the South African Wind Energy Association and the Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA). Both associations are important platforms for networking, practice development and collaboration across the sector. Their contribution to the maturity journey of the Renewable Energy sector in South Africa has been invaluable and equally to my sense of belonging to the sector. 

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