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As managing director of Mphepo Power Ltd, Linda Thompson is leading a 200MW greenfield wind energy project through development to construction, including funding and financing.

With 20 years’ experience in the energy sector, 15 years of which in Africa and renewable energy projects and project development on the continent, Linda is well placed to lobby, advise and support renewable energy policy and regulatory frameworks. She is a founding member of the South African PV Industry Association (SAPVIA).

We caught up with Linda to discuss her experiences as an inspiring Woman in Energy.

Why do you believe in Africa’s energy sector?

There is so much unserved demand, and such an enormous need for economic growth and stimulation, which will be led by the increased supply of affordable energy. 


What is your advice for women who say they struggle to make themselves heard in the workplace? 

Undue assertion/ suppression is typically a sign of fear and insecurity. It can be helpful to see the resistance you are experiencing in this light. Be clear and centered and ask to be heard, until you are heard. Speak from your heart, you are entitled to your full expression.


How do you deal with women competing with each other in the workplace?

Be kind to those who are afraid and experience lack and limitation.


If you were your country's energy minister what would you do to make it easier for women to enter/stay/thrive in the energy sector?  

Create an inclusive, collaborative culture – the rising tide lifts all boats. Give priority (through support, incentives and the like) to women in the sector.


What is your favourite book/quote to recommend as inspiration to others?

“I am not here to be right, I am here to get it right” - Brene Brown 


Who would you like as a mentor at work if you could ask anyone in the world? Why?

Inspirational speaker, Simon Sinek. He is a visionary and insightful business strategist who understands business adaptability.  


What is your superpower?


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