RECORDED WEBINAR: Energy Transition Challenges and Pathways to Grid Resilience at Scale

Learn about the different aspects of grid resilience and scalable field-proven solutions. The discussion focuses on utility challenges, and the opportunities for managing these.

GE- Grid Resilience

Energy Transition Challenges and Pathways to Grid Resilience at Scale

Watch the recording and learn about the different aspects of grid resilience through the energy transition and scalable field-proven solutions to address them. The discussion focuses on utility challenges, and the opportunities for managing these. For instance: 

  • What are the current and emerging challenges through the energy transition – including grid reliability and resilience – and the technology the utilities could leverage to address these? Hear from Ugandan DSO Umeme about ongoing and planned projects. Discover what is being done to address, among other things, network constraints, aging networks, limited remote controllable devices, difficult fault finding and uncertainties brought on by climate change – all while adding new customers to an already constrained grid, all within a strict regulatory environment. 
  • How are renewables and distributed energy resources (DERs) jeopardising every good old electrical grid engineering paradigm? And what can be done to secure grid resilience with all the new devices being added to the grid? Identifying them, their current status and generation/consumption, as well as their availability for dispatch is therefore vital. In addition, how utilities deal with the intermittent behavior of these new devices, anticipating what they will generate and consume and alleviating grid operator stress is another consideration. 
  • What are power system operators and network / asset owners doing to improve power system security while increasing power transfer levels and tracking power system performance in an increasingly variable and complex system? It can be challenging to measure, predict and control network behavior as needed with the ever changing grid – understand how situational awareness of these dynamics in the control room can provide ways to respond very quickly and automatically in the field.

What you'll learn during this discussion


Get a utility view on the importance of asset data and information in planning and decision making. A single, accurate, complete and consistent view of an asset through its lifecycle.  


A customer's view on the need for standardisation to support the integration of technologies. 


Front runner utilities views on renewables and DER challenges and the related modeling, situation awareness, forecasting and scheduling across transmission and distribution. 


High fidelity, synchronised phasor data measurements enable visualisation and awareness of evolving grid conditions.


Data driven capabilities help improve the decisions made by operations & planning teams.


Using clear understanding of system states and stability conditions to improve the operability and transfer capacity.


Improving the dynamic models that will enable better predictions and what-if analysis.

Ripple Increasing reliance of network without increasing operating cost even with large renewable energy penetration.

Featured Speakers

Allan Kamba, Head of Network Plant and Systems, Umeme Limited 

Guru Pai, Solution Architect, Advanced EMS at GE Digital's Grid Software 

Frédéric Wauquiez, Solution Director, REN/DER Orchestration, GE Digital's Grid Software

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