RECORDED WEBINAR: Taking advantage of the increased 100MW threshold: Municipal opportunities

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the self-generation threshold would be raised to 100MW he was at pains to point out that municipalities would still retain a large measure of autonomy over whether this would happen in their boundaries or not.

Power projects have to be grid-compliant, even if islanded from the national system, and businesses who generate their own electricity will also be allowed to wheel electricity to the grid, subject to wheeling charges and connection agreements with Eskom and relevant municipalities.

Municipalities will retain discretion to approve grid connection applications on their networks, and the entire process will still be regulated by NERSA and overseen by the DMRE.

Since only 27 municipalities out of 246 in the country have clean audits, this does rather limit the number of municipalities who themselves can procure power directly from power producers, without needing NERSA permission as long as the amount falls under 100MW. 

For the most part though, municipalities are too low on finance, technical capacity and/or credit worthiness to directly take advantage of the change in policy. But, considering the single largest source of revenue for most local municipalities is electricity sales, how then do municipalities take advantage of this change in policy direction?

Topics of discussions

  • How are municipalities preparing for the development of wheeling within their distribution network?
  • What successful examples are there?
  • What is happening in terms of building capacity and providing credit support?
  • What is the difference between wheeling via municipalities and Eskom?


Join the expert speakers

Craig Morkel
Co-Founder & CEO, Ikapa Energy

Ajay Trikam
Director: Energy, Western Cape Provincial Government

Tilana De Meillon
Senior Operations Officer, Infrastructure Upstream Africa, International Finance Corporation

Robert Futter
Director, Cresco

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