Commercial and industrial organisations merit a special focus in the Enlit Africa programme 

The energy transition is real and gaining momentum across Africa. Utilities across the continent are working to transition from fossil fuel generation to a system that is clean, green, sustainable and just. 

However, the energy transition is not just affecting utilities - it is also impacting commercial and industrial entities in a way that deserves attention. Specifically, we are talking about the tectonic shift from being a mere consumers of energy to becoming a producer of that same energy. As the role of ‘prosumers’ (a producer-consumer) in Africa is gaining ground, there are important questions to be answered – around the role of storage, technology, legal and regulatory requirements and how to get started. We plan on bringing this important conversation to the table at Enlit Africa, exploring self-generation and storage in mining, agriculture, commerce, industry and even in municipal circles. 

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Sessions of Interest 

  • Unpacking the realities of Africa’s energy transition.  
  • The future of gas in Southern Africa and Gas Master Plans.  
  • Integration of Distributed Energy Resources.  
  • Contractual obligations between municipalities and IPPs.  
  • Unlocking wheeling tariffs at municipalities.  
  • Socio-economic benefits of electrifying communities.  
  • Update on 100MW self-generation for commercial and industrial entities.  
  • Energy storage: the cornerstone of a successful energy transition?  
  • What are mining companies doing with energy?  
  • Building carbon into your business case.   

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Commercial and Industrial energy transition

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Insights from our Group Director: Power and Energy

This year’s theme is “Collaboration to Fast-Forward Africa’s Energy Transition”.

Have a listen as Chanelle Hingston, our Group Director: Power and Energy, unpacks what you can expect at Enlit Africa, including insightful sessions featuring experts in energy finance and storage, the just energy transition, hydrogen, gas, and many more high-priority topics to be covered at this year’s event.

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