Spotlight on East Africa

14 September 2021



The East African region has long been home to innovative development and forward-thinking legislative, regulatory and utility entities.

During the focus on East Africa, we will be considering innovation across two elements of the energy landscape - the introduction of e-mobility and the efforts being undertaken by stakeholders to drive the energy transition.

As we move toward COP26 and as efforts to decarbonise increase, it is now more important than ever for the East African utility and energy industry to share information and best practices.

Join us as we consider the opportunities and unpack challenges on 14 September as we bring the best of East Africa to you via digital sessions.



The just energy transition - a focus on East Africa
14 September | 12:00 SAST

Join us as we explore various interventions for ensuring the justness of the energy transition and the implications for the coal sector in South Africa and understand how East Africa is exploring a just transition of their own. What lessons could be shared from each of the regions and how can you apply them to your utility environment.

Discussion points

  • The role of carbon taxes in encouraging the transition
  • What research tells us about the link between the distribution network and the just transition
  • South Africa’s coal sector
  • East Africa’s transition journey

East Africa's e-mobility revolution
14 September | 14:00 SAST

Driven by health and environmental concerns and the need to reduce dependency on oil imports, electric mobility (e-mobility) is gaining prominence across the continent’s public and private sectors. There has been a particular expansion in the continent in the e-mobility space of bikes and trikes, from boda-bodas to motor-cycle taxi drives, bikes and trikes are seen by some as a tool to leapfrog Africa into the e-mobility scene. 

"Bikes and trikes" are seen as a possible entry point and accelerating agent to Africa’s e-mobility potential. This webinar will take a journey along the entire value chain of the ‘bikes and trikes’ journey through the lens of three critical components for Africa:    

  • Policy and regulations   
  • Financing    
  • Infrastructure 

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