Hydrogen and Africa - what is the price?

09 Jun 2022
Hub 2

Global interest in hydrogen as a “decarboniser” of future energy system makes the future technology a hot topic of discussion.

Many developed nations are turning their gaze towards Africa for its potential to use abundant renewable energy sources to generate the molecule.

National strategies, MoUs, bilateral agreements between countries and R&D strategies all bandy about billion-dollar figures, but what will the price be? What is the true cost of producing the H2 molecule in Africa and what price will countries set for a commodity they will export as potential energy carrier to the developed world?

Discussion points

  • Feasibility of water-less technologies to create hydrogen
  • Treating hydrogen as commodity
  • Do roadmaps and creating national hydrogen strategies stymie R&D possibilities?
  • Hydrogen as a market in Africa



Siggi Huegemann, Secretary General - African Hydrogen Partnership
Shiro Tanaka, Independent Consultant – Hydrogen
Marlett Balmer, Senior Energy Advisor - GIZ