Open Dialogue: EVs, Batteries & Charging infrastructure (SMA Fleet Summit)

09 Jun 2022
Jasminum Restaurant - CTICC
SMA Fleet Summit

Ask the experts any questions you have regarding electric vehicles, battery technology or charging infrastructure

Moderator: Renesh Thakoordeen, Electrical Engineer, Council for Scientific Research (CSIR) (South Africa) 


  • Dr. Remeredzai Kuhudzai, Head of Partnerships, Distributed Power Africa (Kenya)   

  • Rory Engelbrecht, Director & Head of Technical, Green Riders (South Africa)  

  • Craig Atkinson, Co-Founder, Green Riders (South Africa)  

  • Ernie Aylward, Engineer Lead, MellowCabs (South Africa) 

  • Owen Ruwudo, Advisor, Arigo Investments (South Africa) 

  • George Mienie, CEO, AutoTrader (South Africa)