Panel discussion: The commercialisation of hydrogen

09 Jun 2022
Hub 2: Strategic Focus Sessions Hub
Hub 2: Strategic Focus (Delegates Only)

South Africa wants to become a major producer and exporter of green hydrogen, aiming to capture around 4% of global market share by 2050.  South Africa’s hydrogen strategy reflects several priorities: a desire to decarbonize its economy, an effort to create economic growth, an aim for pursuing a just transition away from coal, and a way to fully exploit its critical mineral resources.

•  Ayoub Hirt, IRESEN: Research Institute for Solar Energy and new Energies, Morocco [DIGITAL]
•  Hendrik Louw, CEO, Northern Cape Economic Development, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, SA

• Cosmas Chiteme, Director: Power, Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa

• Nadège Hopman, Deputy Head: EIB O ce in Pretoria, European Investment Bank, SA