Sludge incineration in Germany

08 Jun 2022
Hub 4: Energy Storage and Alternative Energy Solutions Hub
Hub 4: Energy storage and alternative energy solutions

New technologies, especially for Waste to Energy applications, are promoted by recent European legislation. The initiatives are targeting for recovery of energy and other rare resources. A case study with the example of municipal sludge incineration describes the momentum of the development.

Phosphor as ingredient of almost all cleaning agents forms a noticeable component of municipal waste water. In the sewage treatment plant the phosphor is separated together with other solid substances from the liquid phase and forms part of the sludge. The new European legislation requires that the phosphor must be separated and recovered. Traditional technologies for the sludge disposal such as co-firing in large scale coal fired utility boilers are no longer applicable since the concentration of phosphor becomes too diluted in the coal ash, so that a separation and recovery is not feasible. As a result dedicated combustion, boiler and flue gas cleaning technologies were developed for adequate sludge treatment.

Thomas Will, Chief Engineer - Steinm├╝ller Engineering GmbH