Exhibitor Tips

To meet your goals and get the most out of your event, here are some tips and tricks that you can use, regardless of if you’re new to exhibiting or consider yourself an expert. 

Step 1: Getting your stand right

Watch the video to discover the golden rules to getting your stand right for visitors.

Step 2: Find the right supplier

The right supplier will make your life just so much easier. We have a wide range of suppliers who can assist you with all your stand requirements for the event.

Step 3: Staff and Creating experiences

Watch this video to see how you can create memorable experiences and ensure your staff is well-prepared for your event

Step 4: Invites to your database

Time to tell the world about your brand! Did you know that 83% of successful exhibitors engaged with customers and prospects BEFORE the event? 

Step 5: Websites and Social media

Be sure to have all you bases covered on social media and that your correct information is displayed on the website. Watch the full video to learn more

Step 6: Make the most of pre show PR and advertising

Did you know we have dedicated media partners on-site to further amplify your message? Be sure to make use of our ample PR and advertising opportunities available

Step 7: Wish Lists

Do you have an ideal list of clients you'd like to meet? This will help you be more targeted in your approach and get you to the right people, faster!

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